Monday, February 10, 2020

Emily's story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Emily's story - Essay Example I am Emily, Emily Rose. Not long ago, I was a cheerful, lively and agile young girl with many friends and a bunch of activities which could not fit in the 24 hours of the day. I was outgoing, blunt and always the centre of attention, when in a group. No wonder, I was approached by many people for friendships and relationships, but I always aimed higher than just being ‘another girl’ in the world. I wanted to be someone people admire and get inspiration from. I wanted to be like my father; an inspirational personality and a great journalist. Indeed, he was my hero and the role model. I always had a strong bond of love and affection with him. But I never thought I would be a reason for his broken pride and humiliation. It was mid February, when I went on a trip with my college mates. I always loved going on such trips and explore different parts of the world and the people around. But it was unusual; it was not uncomfortable or displeasing, but unusual. For the first time, I got attracted to a person, John, for his thoughts, views and manners inspired me. We got along really well and I felt special when he was around. Like any other girl, I developed feelings for him; he had no different feelings than me. The month passed giving us many memories, and a life changing news; the news that changed my life and his views; the news that replaced the old confident Emily with a girl who could not face the world; the news that broke the pride of his father and his trust on his daughter. Yes, I was pregnant. I still wonder if this was the same John who always picked my call on the first ring, I looked at the side table and picked my phone again. No, I was not calling John but my ever loving father this time. I needed him, like I always did since my childhood. As expected, no later than an hour, he was right in front of me listening to my story. This was

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