Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Human Rights Violations Essay

Why are Human Rights being violated in the world? Human rights are rights that allow people to have property, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These rights should be given the day we are born and should be respected. Human rights violations have happened till the present day around the world, in Rwanda with a genocide, in Uganda with the abuse and abduction of children, and in N. Korea with the mistreat of its people. Human rights are being violated because of power, greed, and a corrupt government. The first human violation we will examine is in Rwanda during April-June, 1994. The Hutus killed almost 1,000,000 Tutsis in a period of 100 days, creating one of the largest genocides in history. After the conquer of Belgium on Rwanda, the groups living there, the Hutus and the Tutsis, have disliked each other. Belgium created I.D. Cards to differentiate the Hutus and the Tutsis. Belgium considered the Tutsis to be superior for many years. The Hutus hated that fact and therefore hated the Tutsis. After Belgium left Hutus took over the country and treated the Tutsis like â€Å"roaches†. It was then when the genocide started. Because the Tutsis were superior to the Hutus, they had better jobs and better education. After the takeover of the the Hutus, their hate for the Tutsis increased and they treated them really bad and blamed them for every bad thing. Years later the Hutu president was killed on an airplane explosion. This created a great impact on the Hutus and they obviously blamed the Tutsis. This is when Hutus started to kill as many Tutsis as they could. Tutsis had no chance to fight against the Hutus. The U.N. tried to get involved , but wasn’t worth it because they had really small troops and were not allowed to shoot anyone, in other words, the U.N. could not stop the genocide from happening. After the death of 10 of its people, the U.N. ordered all the whites to leave the country and leaving the Tutsis without hope. Not many Tutsis survived after this terrible genocide. Finally, Kigali, the general leading the Hutus, was captured and everything changed for the Tutsis. Soon after Kigali was captured, the life of the Tutsis became better. The Hutu rebels were kicked out and left Rwanda. Rwanda is now ruled by a Tutsi-led government. The Tutsis and the Hutus still experience conflicts with each other even though they do not share the same communities anymore,this is why Tutsi rebels stay active because their afraid that another genocide will happen. The second human right violation we will examine is in Uganda. The LRA, led by Joseph Kony, has committed one of the worst human rights violation which is the violation against the right of the children since 1987 till present day. He abducts the children to make them soldiers and makes the girls be sex slaves. Even though many people are trying to find Kony, he manages to escape and hide, plus other armies won’t attack him because his army is made up of thousands of children. Children in Uganda live in the fear of being abducted away from their families. The children never feel secure wherever they are. When Kony abducts the children, he sometimes makes them kill their own parents. Kony has been doing this terrible violation because he wants more power and wants to expand his army. Nearly all the people in his army were abducted. Children that are caught trying to escape are severely punished and sometimes killed. Kony calls himself a good Christian and wants to create a government that follows the 10 commandments of the bible, but over 20 years many people have feared his â€Å"Christian movement† because he has killed thousands of people through central Africa. No one has been able to capture Kony, but the UN helps children that mange to escape from the hands of Kony. Kony’s terrible actions such as the abduction of children to make them soldiers or sex-slaves, the destruction of beneficial places for the people, and the murder of thousands of people have made Kony the #1most wanted rebel leader in the world. It is a very big risk to fight against Kony because there are many children that were forced to be in his army and these people don’t want to kill them. In February, 2012, a campaign called â€Å"Invisible Children† was created trying to stop Kony from doing this horrible violations. This campaign let thousand of people know about Kony and his lord’s resistance army so people could help convince the American government to help Uganda and other countries in Africa to capture Kony, unfortunately, the US couldn’t send troops but they did send a group of people to train the Ugandan army to be ready for Kony and capture him. Without the help of Jason Russell, No one would have known about Kony and no one would ever help those poor children living in fear. The last human rights violation we will examine is in North Korea. Kim Jong Un, the new ruler of North Korea has forgotten about his people and worried more about his weapons. He spends more money on weapons than he does on food for the people, letting several people starve to death. Kim Jong is in his 20’s and has ruled only for 4 months. He launched a rocket to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday and to celebrate his entrance as the third generation of the dynasty. He spent about $850 million just to launch this rocket, that’s enough money to buy corn to feed the people for a whole year. The US canceled the agreement that it had with North Korea to provide emergency food aid because of that rocket launch. This decision by the US didn’t seem to affect much North Korea at all. The reason is that North Korea, with its corrupt government, rather have a secure country with advanced military than to feed the people. North Korea spends more money on its military than any other country in the world, it spends 23% of its gross domestic products. Even soldiers suffer of malnutrition, so if the soldiers who are the most important people in the country suffer of this, then the rest of the people must be dying of starvation. Several of the North Korean soldiers suffer of stunted growth because of the lack of nutrients of the country. The people of North Korea, starve because they cannot afford to buy food, because the small portions of food there is in the country are really expensive and most of the people do not have enough money to buy it, the can barely afford really tiny portions. In a orphanage children had not eaten any protein for over a month, not only the people are suffering, but the children are too, and they are the future of that country. Finally the Chinese government decided to help North Korea and provide them with food. This corrupt government led by Kim Jong Un has to stop because it is affecting not only the people but the future for the country which is the children. The genocide in Rwanda, the children abduction and abuse by Kony in Uganda, and the starvation of the people in North Korea are examples of the terrible Human Rights violations that occur in the world till the present day. Wanting power, being greedy, and having a corrupt government have led to these unacceptable violations of the human rights. We just examined only three human rights violations, but who knows what else can be happening in this world.

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