Sunday, December 29, 2019

Manuscript Text Or Running Head - 1672 Words

Manuscript text. In order to maintain anonymity during the peer-review process CCN requires that the author’s name or institution are not included in the manuscript text or running head (AACCN, 2015). An initial literature search was conducted to retrieve resources that where used to examine the topic and develop the outline of the manuscript text. An explanation of the literature search is discussed further below. Upon conducting the literature search, the resources were examined for main themes, and organized according to similarity. To assist with outlining the sub-sections and main arguments, the themes were organized using the sun diagram method described by Sheridan and Dowdney (1986). Results of the sun diagram are presented below†¦show more content†¦Next, the barriers that prevent open visitation and the implications for practice will be acknowledged. The main barriers preventing open visitation that will be briefly introduced (a detailed discussion will occu r in the later portion of the text), and include skewed nursing perceptions, gaps in knowledge about the beneficial effects of unrestrictive family presence, and lack of formal visitation policies. It will be argued that the main implication for practice is decreased patient and family satisfaction resulting from incongruent visitation practices (Mitchell, Chaboyer, Burmeister Foster, 2009). Finally, the solution of educating nurses about the benefits of an open visitation policy on patients and families will be proposed. Rationale for the solution will be provided. Purpose statement and aims. The introduction will provide context for the following purpose statement: the purpose of this review article is to gain a better understanding of how critical care patients and families can benefit from open visitation policies. The review article aims to answer the following three inquiries: †¢ How do nurses perceive open visitation and how do these perceptions impact visitation practices? †¢ What are the perceived advantages and disadvantages of open visitation for patients and families? †¢ What considerations need to be made when developing a

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